[FREE ADMISSION]DMC3 DANTE & VERGIL, PENETRATOR! Premiere Exhibit at Shinjuku Gallery Shop Starting Feb 2nd (Fri)

Jan 26, 2024

The latest statues of a young Dante & Vergil from the Devil May Cry series and the imposing swordsman Penetrator from Demon’s Souls will debut at Shinjuku Gallery Shop on February 2nd (Fri). Additionally, over 20 PRISMA WING figures, including Shikimori-san, will be on display!

DEVIL MAY CRY 3: DANTE & VERGIL Debut! Statues from the 5th-Anniversary Edition of DMC 5 also Return

Prime 1 Studio's lineup features the fan-favorite Devil May Cry series. Making their Shinjuku debut are the youthful designs of Dante and Vergil from DMC 3.

Dante, with his signature crimson coat and trademark custom pistols Ebony & Ivory, appears in stylish posing and detail, capturing his youth, agility, and sense of justice.

With a majestic stance and a sharp, piercing gaze, Vergil walks the path of darkness to raise the Temen-ni-gru. The attention to detail in the Yamato sword and coat is flawless.

With the 5th anniversary on March 8th, all four main characters from DMC 5 will be making their return. The details of Nero's mechanisms and V’s demonic creatures are truly awe-inspiring. Check out Dante and Vergil’s designs from 3 and 5 side by side.

DEMON'S SOULS: PENETRATOR Debuts in Shinjuku. Acclaimed BLOODBORNE Series will also Appear

From Demon’s Souls, Penetrator finally premieres at Shinjuku. Witness the striking sculpt and painting that produces a dark metallic gleam. Experience the revamped ominous beauty from the remake version up close.

Also, in celebration of its 15th anniversary in February, FromSoftware’s Bloodborne statues including the Doll, Maria of the Clock Tower, Eileen, and the Hunter will be showcased.

PRISMA WING: Display of Over 20 Figures, Including the Latest Shikimori-san

During this period, over 20 PRISMA WING figures will be on display. Latest additions include Shikimori-san,

Guiltia-Briion, and Milim Nava also make their Shinjuku debut. Embark on a journey through a lineup showcasing the highlights from the last two years of dedicated development!

Come check out the Shinjuku Gallery Shop's newest exhibition with tons of new debuts starting February 2nd (Fri). We look forward to welcoming fans of games, anime, and statue enthusiasts alike!

Exhibition Overview

From February 2, 2024 (Friday) to March 6, 2024(Wednesday).

Prime 1 Studio
Shinjuku Gallery Shop
Shinjuku Marui Annex 7F

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*Please note that February 1 (Thursday) will be temporarily closed for preparation.