What are Points and Coupons?

What are Points and Coupons?


Whenever an item is purchased through our official website, you will receive points based on 5% of the price of the product. Each point is equal to 0.01 dollars and can be used at the time of purchase for another item.

If you would like to check how many points you have, you can go to the Reward Points section of My Account for more details.

There may be promotional events where double or even triple reward points can be earned. These points will have an expiration period, so don’t forget to use them while they last.


Point Allocation and Expiration:

All points will appear in your account 40 days after delivery and will expire within a year of their allocation to your account.

In the case of a refund, please note that if the points have expired, they will become non-refundable.



Coupons can be acquired either through events, promotional campaigns, or from the purchasing of specific products. Please note that these kinds of coupons can only be used at the time of purchase and cannot be applied after the deposit has been paid.

・Some items may not be purchasable with points.

・Points are non-transferable.

・Points may be deleted in the case of illegal activity.