Transformers Bumblebee Exhibition in China

Transformers Bumblebee Exhibition in China
By Prime 1 Studio 4 years ago 5644 Views

Happy new year! We want to share a free of charge event hosting by our official distributor in China, BBICN. The Transformers Bumblebee exhibition!

This event is held from December 22 until February 28, 2019. The location is at 1st Floor Atrium, pops, No. 8 Minhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China. There will be a lot of Transformers products and stationery goods for sale in the event by Prime 1 Studio’s, 3A, and Hasbro Toys. In the exhibition booth, Prime 1 Studio’s latest Transformers products as well as the newest statues will be on the display. Surprisingly, in this event, the eye-catcher 1:1 scale Bumblebee will be displayed and you will also be able to see our newest products related to the latest Transformers film, Bumblebee and Blitzwing which will be display especially at the BBICN Flagship store in the same location.

Moreover, if you take a photo with the 1:1 scale Bumblebee and share through your SNS can get up to 10% in-store discount. In addition, there will be a family-friendly zone, such as drawing game zone, digital game zone, toys/figure zone and so on. In each area, there will be a stamp corner for children to collect. Collecting more than 6 stamps, get the Bumblebee gift for free.

Don't miss this chance to take a picture of our latest Transformers products and with the 1:1 scale Bumblebee and bring the Transformers goods back to home!!

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