Resident Evil 2 Campaign!

Resident Evil 2 Campaign!
By Prime 1 Studio 1 years ago 4456 Views

Dear Prime 1 Collectors and Fans!

We have again a fantastic campaign for those looking to add some zombies to their collection!

If you tuned in to our Prime 1 Studio Next Level Showcase, you may have seen our product preview for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 statues.

If you have previously ordered UPMRE2-01: Leon S. Kennedy, you will be able to use the $75 promotion code to purchase UPMRE2-02: Claire Redfield!

This promotion will work both ways! If you have purchased Leon first, you can use the code to receive a $75 discount on the Claire statue as well!

If you have purchased one of the mentioned statues:


This will be an indefinite campaign! Let’s create the ultimate Resident Evil 2 Diorama!

*Campaign Applicable only through Prime1Studio Website.

*One-Time Use Promotion Code.

Pre-order Now!!

UPMRE2-01: Leon Scott Kennedy 1:4 Scale Statue

UPMRE2-02: Claire Redfield 1:4 Scale Statue