Prime 1 Studio Next Level Showcase #04 Announcement

Prime 1 Studio Next Level Showcase #04 Announcement
By Prime 1 Studio 2 months ago 3066 Views

To all our fans and collectors,

Get ready because on April 24, 2022, at 10:00 AM JST , Prime 1 Studio is presenting our Next Level Showcase #4!!

Welcome to Prime 1 Studio’s Next Level Showcase 4!

Prime 1 Studio is back at it again with a brand-new Next Level Showcase! Check out Prime 1 Studio’s latest premiere video chock-full of the never-before-seen project reveals, statements from renowned artists, and the latest strides of innovation within the collectible and statue market!

Throughout this showcase, prepare yourselves to be taken back by some of the coolest and most jaw-dropping products the world has ever seen! Witness all your favorite characters and icons from video games, anime, and other fields of pop culture burst onto your screen in this unforgettable event! And as we at Prime 1 Studio are no strangers to surprises, you might be in for an incredible treat throughout the journey!

Tag along with us through this amazing tour of the newest and best statues, figures, collectibles, and so much more in PRIME 1 STUDIO’S NEXT LEVEL SHOWCASE 4!

Founded in 2012, Prime 1 Studio is a Japanese Collectibles company specializing in High-End statues, figures, and collectibles exhibiting tremendous quality, intricate detailing, and dynamic design.

We at Prime 1 Studio pride ourselves on continually pushing the boundaries of realism, innovation, and expectations to bring to all of you...our amazing fans...your favorite characters of all time. Prepare to make history with the Next Level Showcase 4!

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