Penguin & Batman Triumphant Special Campaign

Penguin & Batman Triumphant Special Campaign
By Prime 1 Studio 8 months ago 1999 Views

Hello DC Comics fans and collectors!

When we announced them in the Next Level Showcase 4, it was a big hit!
Penguin & Batman Triumphant statues are now available, sold separately but combine to make the perfect set!

As usual, we would like to provide you a special discount campaign if you purchase both the statues: do not forget to use the special discount Coupon code!

If you have purchased MMDC-56/56DXS Penguin (Regular or Deluxe Bonus), please use the BVP75 Promotion Code to purchase MMDC-57S Batman Triumphant,

to get a $75 discount applied to the final payment of the second purchase.

This promo works both ways, so also if you have purchased MMDC-57S Batman Triumphant first, please Enter the Promo code: BVP75 to get a $75 discount* for MMDC-56/56DXS Penguin (Regular or Deluxe Bonus).

*One-Time Use Coupon Code

This will be an indefinite campaign until further notice.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.