Horizon Zero Dawn Campaign!

Horizon Zero Dawn Campaign!
By Prime 1 Studio 3 years ago 24335 Views

Hi to all Prime1 Collectors and Fans!

We have an exciting promotion campaign for all lovers of Horizon Zero Dawn!

After the long wait, you may have seen that we finally released Aloy and Stalker Statues from the award-winning action role-playing game, Horizon Zero Dawn!

If you have previously purchased UPMHZD-01EX: Aloy Shield-Weaver Armor Set Statue Exclusive Version, you will be able to use the $75 US Promotion Code to purchase UPMHZD-02: Stalker Statue.

Do not worry! This promotion works both ways, if you have bought the Stalker statue first you can get $75 US off on UPMHZD-01EX: Aloy Statue as well.

- If you have purchased one of the mentioned statues, please Enter the Promo code: “HZD75”* to get $75 US discount on the other statue.

*One-Time Use Coupon Code

This will be an indefinite campaign!

Check the products listed below:

UPMHZD-01EX: Aloy Shield-Weaver Armor Set (Horizon Zero Dawn)


UPMHZD-02: Stalker (Horizon Zero Dawn)