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Argentina Comic Convention 2018

Argentina Comic Convention 2018
By Prime 1 Studio 1 years ago 1095 Views

Argentina Comic Convention 2018 at Centro Costa Salguero in Argentina. We have the pleasure of attending to Argentina Comic Convention for the first time. We are writing to share our sincere gratitude for our fans in Argentina taking the time to visit Prime 1 corner/section at Knowhere Collectibles’ booth on December 7 ~ 9, 2018. Not to mention that, it would not have been possible without the help and support of Knowhere Collectibles. We would also like to express our deepest appreciation to our partner. Muchas gracias for your time and support and hope to continue the wonderful relationship we hold with you. We appreciate all your positive comments on our products exhibition display and to see large numbers of the pop culture fans showing up in this event. It was our honor to present our products to pop culture fans in Argentina.

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your visit and our exhibition display. Please enjoy the pictures taken during the event and we are hoping to come back to Argentina in the near future!!

2018.12.19 Prime1Studio