Aug 25, 2020

Queen Alien &  Rogue Alien Campaign

Dear All!

We have an exciting campaign for those who are planning to recreate the awesome fight between PMDHAL-03: Queen Alien & PMDHAL-04/04EX: Rogue Alien (Aliens Comics)!

If you purchase a PMDHAL-03: Queen Alien, you will be able to use the $150 US Promotion Code to purchase a PMDHAL-04/04EX: Rogue Alien.

Do not worry! This promotion works both ways, if you have bought the PMDHAL-04/04EX: Rogue Alien first you can get $150 US off on PMDHAL-03: Queen Alien Statue as well.

- If you have purchased one of the mentioned statues, please Enter the Promo code: “ALIENS150” to get $150 US discount on the other statue*

*One-Time Use Coupon Code

This will be an indefinite campaign!

Check the products listed below:

PMDHAL-03: Queen Alien (Aliens Comics)

PMDHAL-04/04EX: Rogue Alien (Aliens Comics)

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