**UPDATE** Prime 1 Studio products from Chronicle Collectibles Information

Nov 06, 2020


As we have mentioned before, we were trying to get in touch with Chronicle Collectibles for some time already, but unfortunately there is no response from them for the past 6months.

With this challenging situation we are all facing during this time, unfortunately, we will not be able to reserve the products for Chronicle Collectibles any longer and we hope you can understand our current position on this.

If you have any questions, please contact us via support@prime1studio.co.jp

Hopefully, you will understand that it was a tough decision for us. Thank you for your understanding.


We hope everyone is staying safe during this challenging time.

**This announcement applied only to customers that purchased Jurassic Park/World products through Chronicle Collectibles.

For the past weeks we have received a few e-mails from you regarding your concern about orders made through Chronicle Collectibles as they have stopped replying to your messages.

Please understand that we are also trying to reach out to them, as well, but without any success so far. We will keep trying to contact them and make sure to update here if we receive more news.


Prime 1 Studio