We are proud to show you all our latest projects in the SQUARE ENIX MASTERLINE. Taking inspiration from the classic JRPG video game, FINAL FANTASY VI, we present Terra Branford riding proudly atop the video game’s iconic Magitek Armor. This 1/6 scale sculpture comes in at 78 centimeters (30.7 inches) tall. With a limited amount of 600 units to be sold globally, each piece will be individually branded with its own respective serial number for rarity and authenticity.

Under the guidance of world-renowned character designer Yoshitaka Amano, and by adopting his original illustration in FINAL FANTASY VI as a motif, this beloved character and mech have been brought to life in a superb and unimaginable form. As a Collaboration project with leading Japanese statue designer Prime 1 Studio, these memorable characters, having originated from paper illustrations, have transcended into a timeless masterpiece.

This newest creation features Terra Branford, the mysterious human-esper girl wielding magical powers, and the Magitek Armor, a weapon created by fusing magic and technological innovations in the world of the Final Fantasy VI. Terra’s pose exhumes incredible strength and mystical beauty as she rides valiantly, marching toward her destiny. This moment is fully captured and realized by the delicate and intricate details of her sculpting and painting. Along with the main body part, this beautiful piece will also include a swappable upper-body part, providing the chance to display a variety of expressions in one statue.

The unique form of the Magitek Armor has also been faithfully recreated. The intricate details of the mechanical body and distinctions in the mech’s polish have been uncompromisingly reflected, giving the magical architecture an unquestionable presence deserving to be appreciated as a three-dimensional sculpture.

Some of the lovable Moogles, the game’s memorable mascots, have also been included in several sections of the statue to add a touch of the game’s lighthearted moments to this robust sculpture. Their addition, along with the FINAL FANTASY VI logo insignia, allows for additional creativity and variation in displaying this incredible work of art.

The feel and atmosphere of FINAL FANTASY VI have been condensed and realized into this ultimate three-dimensional sculpture brimming with craftsmanship. This one-of-a-kind art piece transcends the realm of collectibles and is a must-have for your collection.

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  • 2 Interchangeable kneeling Terra
  • Interchangeable seated Terra
  • 3 unique Moogles
  • Title plate


  • The pictures are prototype samples; they may differ from the final product.
  • The colors of the product may look different depending on your monitor.
  • The shipping date could be delayed due to the production schedule. We humbly ask for your cooperation in this matter.
  • For safety reasons, we are planning to use ABS for sword pars or other parts that may be susceptible to damage or may cause injury.
  • This product will be hand-painted, so there may be differences between individual products.
  • Specifications are subject to change.
  • Weight is provided for reference, but there may be some variance in the actual weight.
  • Due to the weight of this product, please refrain from displaying it in full glass display cases or glass shelves as it may become extremely dangerous.

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Final Fantasy


1/6 Scale

Product Code


Product Size Approx.


Product Weight

30.2 kg


Polystone / some parts use other material (PVC, ABS, Die-cast)