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Dark Nights: Metal (Comics)

Batman versus Batman Who Laughs

(Design by David Finch)
DX Bonus Version
Edition Size: 350

Expected To Ship: Mar 2025 - Jun 2025


"To win, you need to adapt, and to adapt you need to be able to laugh away all the restraints. Everything is holding you back. You see…a Batman who laughs… is a Batman who always wins.” – The Batman Who Laughs

Prime 1 Studio is very proud to present the latest addition to the Ultimate Premium Masterline Series: the jaw-dropping 1:4 Scale UPMDCMT-01DXS Batman vs Batman Who Laughs Deluxe Bonus Version from Dark Nights: Metal!

Inspired by the variant cover by DC artist David Finch of the seventh issue of the mini-series The Batman Who Laughs, the artists at Prime 1 Studio have outdone themselves once again to breathe life into this dynamic and intense fight scene between the Caped Crusader and the Joker Toxin-infected supervillain of the Dark Multiverse.

This dark and gritty diorama stands over 26 inches tall and features the two Batmans aiming for each other’s throats, one fighting for justice and order as the other fighting for chaos and mayhem. The Batman Who Laughs’ slimmer physique is accentuated by a form-fitting leather-like tunic, the belts, buckles, and spikes add a touch of brutality and emphasize the darker and more twisted nature of the character. His distinctive and unsettling grin stands out prominently against the dark cowl – promoting a sense of madness and giving off a nightmarish effect, taunting his adversary as the razor-sharp claws slice through space. The Batman, on the receiving end, confronts this manic and utterly disturbing version of himself with a more composed demeanor. Although lightly wounded, as shown by the few torn places on his armor, the fight is far from over as he charges another punch with all his strength, showcasing his muscular core from every angle. He dons the classic and iconic black and grey tunic with the yellow utility belt. They both stand atop a base adorned with skulls, bats, and bones flying around, adding to the grim atmosphere of the statue, the longer you look at every little detail, the harder the chill down your spine.

The Deluxe Version includes two additional Batman head variants, featuring a closed mouth and slashed cowl as well as an open-mouthed Batman Who Laughs head for the extra psychological instability. These parts will all come with headstands for you to display around the statue.

And when you order the Bonus Version from our official store or any authorized distributor, you will receive another variant of the Batman Who Laughs head, featuring another open-mouthed laugh featuring smaller teeth and its head stand.

This piece is a must for any Dark Nights and Batman fans and will make for a breathtaking centerpiece in any collection. Pre-order the UPMDCMT-01DXS Batman vs Batman Who Laughs Deluxe Bonus Version today and bring home the ultimate thundering clash of the Bruce Waynes.



  • Statue Size approximately 26.4 inches tall [H:67cm W:50cm D:39cm]
  • Dark Multiverse-themed base
  • Three (3) swappable Batman head parts
  • Two (2) swappable Batman Who Laughs head parts
  • One (1) Batman Who Laughs head stand
  • Two (2) Batman head stands
  • One (1) Batman Who Laughs head stand [BONUS]
  • One (1) additional Batman Who Laughs head part [BONUS]





  • Prototype samples shown.
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  • Please note the final product specifications may differ because each product is Handmade.
  • Since the product is still in the development stage, the Size (up to 10%) & Weight (up to 10kg) may be changed during the production stage.


BATMAN and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics. WB SHIELD: TM & © WBEI. (s23)





Ultimate Premium Masterline


DC Series


1/4 Scale

Product Code


Product Size Approx.

H:67cm W:50cm D:39cm

Carton(Est.): 1 box

Product Weight

About 15 kg


Polystone and other materials