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Edition Size: 100

Expected To Ship: Jan 2025 - Apr 2025



How delicious, I feel it all over. Love, hate, ultimate pleasure, ultimate pain, life, and death. All here to enjoy before our very eyes! The true nature of man and the devil is here and now. -Slan

As the ritual “Eclipse” is initiated, the guardian angels of desire known as the “God Hand” is summoned. Screams and cries fill the air as the “Whore Princess of the Uterine Sea” torments the poor sacrificed souls. Prime 1 Studio is thrilled to summon a new taste of evil to the Throne Legacy lineup, introducing the TLCBR-01: Berserk Slan!

Slan lies on her throne made of black leathery wings with a bewitching gaze, seeking her next victim to quench her endless lust for love, hatred, pain, and pleasure. Let's see how her chaotic beauty is expressed in this meticulous statue. Her left hand runs through her blueish snake-like hair, as her right hand gently grips the flesh of her ghastly-colored, but smooth thighs. The black corset-like attire around her waist has specifically designed patterns to highlight her perfect curves. Her facial expression shouts complete confidence with a touch of cunning evil, as her glossy lips and purple seductive eyes show her as a master of manipulation, luring others into her sinister web of lust. The black gothic base of this 1/4 statue is finished with a shiny touch. The petrified faces of her devoured victims, forming a macabre mosaic beneath her feet, are a haunting testament to her insatiable appetite for suffering and chaos.

Wicked but elegant, the TLCBR-01 Berserk Slan statue from the Throne Legacy series is Prime 1 Studio’s new refreshing take on the dark fantasy world of Berserk. Display this magnificent sinister queen and add some glamorous dread to your Berserk collection!






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© 三浦建太郎(スタジオ我画)/白泉社






Throne Legacy




1/4 Scale

Product Code


Product Size Approx.

H:53cm W:41cm D:36cm

Carton(Est.): 1 box

Product Weight

About 11 kg


Polystone and other materials