Points and Coupon


Article 1 Purpose

  1. These rules (“the Point Rules”) set out the terms and conditions of point service and coupon service to be provided to persons who have registered as members in accordance with the rules of the service (“the Service”) for the shopping website as operated by Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd. (“the Company”).
  2. The rules of the Service shall apply to matters for which the Point Rules have no provisions.


Article 2 Granting points

  1. When the members purchase goods or use service in the way the Company designates or when the Company deems it appropriate, it Company will grant “points” to the members.
  2. Granting points or the number of points to be granted will depend on the kinds of goods.
  3. Points will be granted after the relevant transaction was performed and a certain period specified by the Company passed. If the Company finds cancellation, return and so on with respect to the said transaction within the point granting period, any points will not be granted by the said transaction. If the price of the goods is changed, the relevant points will be granted based on the changed purchase price.
  4. The Company has a right to decide on whether or not to grant points for a certain transaction, the number of points, and other matters related to point. The member shall follow the Company’s decision.


Article 3 Use of Points in the Settlement

  1. The Members may settle the price of goods by the points you have. 1 point will be regarded as 0.01 dollar for payment of part of the settlement price in the method specified by the Company.
  2. The Company may limit the services/goods for which the members will use points or add conditions for point usage.
  3. If the members cancel the payment, the points used for the settlement will generally be refunded. However, points will not be refunded in money.
  4. Members may not cash points in any case.
  5. Points cannot be used for deposit, taxes or shipping fee.


Article 4 Management of points

  1. The Company will inform the members of the number of points acquired by the members, the number of points used by the members and the balance of points on my page of the website.
  2. If the member has any question on the number of points as referred to in the preceding paragraph, the member shall immediately contact the Company and explain it. However, the Company has a right to decide such matter finally. The member shall follow the Company decision.
  3. The Members may not transfer, inherit, comprehensively assign the points to other members, or share points among members.


Article 5 Cancellation or extinguishment of points

  1. In case of return of the goods, cancellations or other matters as the Company deemed it appropriate after the points the Company have granted, the Company will cancel the points granted by the relevant transaction.
  2. If the Company determines that the member falls under any of the following items, the Company may cancel the part or all of the points owned by the member in question without giving notice to the member in advance. (1) illegal or fraudulent activity (2) violation of the Point Rules, membership rules, other rules and regulations established by the Company (3) the Member loses the member status (4) the Company judged that it is appropriate to cancel the points granted to the member
  3. The Company will not compensate for any canceled or extinguished points, and assume no responsibility for them. 


Article 6 Cancellation of points after using them

  1. If the point is canceled in accordance with Article 5, paragraphs 1 or 2 after the member has used the points for settlement pursuant to Article 3, the relevant transaction may be canceled or suspended. The member shall immediately pay cash or make payment to the Company in method designated by the Company if the relevant transaction has been executed but the deficit amount due to point cancellation occurs or the member will make the relevant transaction remain valid.


Article 7 Issuance and use of coupons

  1. The Company may issue coupons that limit the number of times of use, validity period of use, order amount, goods, etc.
  2. Coupons will be distributed through our advertising activities. Coupons may not be used for some goods. Multiple coupons may not be used at once.
  3. Coupons exceeding the validity period and certain amount of use will automatically extinguish.
  4. If the member falls under any of the following cases, the Company may cancel some or all of his/her coupons or restrict the use of coupons. If the Company cancels the use of the coupon at its discretion, it will not refund the coupon for any reason.
    ○Due to cancellation after order or refund of goods after their delivery disqualified case where the amount of coupon exercise standard is not satisfied, or where the no other condition is satisfied such as the requirement of purchase of certain goods
    ○illegal or fraudulent activity
    ○ conducts that significantly impair the relationship of trust with the Company
    ○ Violation of the rules and so on as stipulated by the Company
  5. The Company will not assume responsibility for compensation or others for any coupons canceled or extinguished.


Article 8 Accidents, etc.

  1. Points and coupons held by members may not be converted into money or refunded regardless of the reason. If any accident occurs such as delay, loss, theft, damage and so on during delivery of the goods subject to settlement pursuant to Article 3, the Company assume no responsibility at all unless the accident is attributed to the Company. The Company will not assume responsibility for compensation or others for accidents. Points and coupons held by members may not be converted into money or refunded due to any accidents above.


Article 9 Use by a third party

  1. The Member shall use his/her points and any person or entity may not use coupons held by others, and points will not be transferred to a third party other than the member, or will not be used by a third party.
  2. When the Company has confirmed that the entered ID and password match the registered information by the prescribed method, it is deemed that the member uses the point. If the third party wrongfully use the member’s ID or password due to fraudulent use, misuse or any other reasons, the Company shall not refund the points to the relevant member and assume no  responsibility for any damage or loss of the relevant member caused by it.


Article 10 Changes or stoppage of the service

  1. Without giving notice to the members in advance, the Company may change the contents of the service or all the terms and conditions of the service (including but not limited to the stoppage of points, suspension of points granting, change of transaction, change of points granting rate or usage rates, invalidation of coupons, change of contents), and the Company assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss of the relevant member caused  by any of the matters as described above.


Article 11 Change, amendment, termination of the rules

  1. The Point Rules may be changed, revised or terminated without advance notice.