Prime1Studio Presents Jurassic World Gallery 2021

Prime1Studio Presents Jurassic World Gallery 2021
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Prime1Studio Presents

Jurassic World Gallery 2021

Exhibition Period: 8/6 (Fri) ~ 9/29 (Wed)

Event Overview

The world is excited for the release of “Jurassic World: Dominion” arriving in theaters next summer.
Prime 1 Studio Gallery Shop (located on the 7th floor of Shinjuku Marui Annex) is
proud to present the “Jurassic World Gallery 2021”!!
This special event will put spotlight on the exciting dinosaurs from the Jurassic World films,
including ‘Blue’ the Velociraptor!


This exclusive summer event will not only exhibit all of our previous statues from the
Jurassic series, but will also display brand new titles that were introduced to the fans at our
‘Prime1Studio Next Level Showcase 2!’ This exciting event will release original brand-new
merchandises, which will be available to the fans as well!

Do you remember the excitement when you first saw the dinosaurs on screen?
From the T-Rex that shocked the world in “Jurassic Park”, to the Velociraptor Blue from the “Jurassic World” series,
many different dinosaurs will be waiting for you at the gallery!
Please come and see the wonderful quality and high details of our statues.


※These are photos of the gallery from our past events

Prime1Studio’s original brand-new items are now available for sale!!

Once again we are releasing new items at the gallery shop!
We have so many wonderful merchandises to show our fans!
Here’s a glimpse of some of our new products!

■ Mirror : 500yen

■ Tapestory : 3,500yen

■ Clear Sticker : 500yen

For those of you who cannot make the gallery, please don’t worry.
We’ll eventually share photos of our statues and merchandises on our social media!

All of the statues that you will see at the gallery are available for purchase/pre-order.
(Statues will be shipped out later due to its size)
We cannot wait to see you guys at the gallery!