From the high end, high quality, high detail statue makers: Prime 1 Studio, comes our special Batman Feature!
Since its inception in 1939, Batman has graced the hearts of people from all around the world.

Bruce Wayne, a millionaire playboy from Gotham City and owner of “Wayne Enterprises” is different from other heroes. Batman does not rely on special powers, but relies on intellect and gadgetry to eliminate his foes.
The world is obsessed with The Batman who continues to protect Gotham city through tireless efforts!
In celebration of the 80th Year anniversary of Batman, last year the famous Bat-signal was lit around in the world in New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, London, and many other places!

So of course, here at Prime 1 Studio, we will continue to release Batman statues to reproduce the charm, nostalgia, and heartwarming feeling from all the amazing comics, movies, and video games.
To date, here are some of our featured Batman statues!

Batman: Arkham Knight Batman
A timeless classic. Prime 1 Studio’s FIRST Batman Statue in 2015 from the Award winning 2014 video game: Batman: Arkham Knight.

The glorious Batsuit shown in the piece is reproduced using 3D solid modeling to create the most video game accurate statue on the market.

Dark Nights: Metal (Comics) Batman Who Laughs
Next, we have a Batman from the Dark Multiverse: The Batman Who Laughs, based off of the comic from 2018.
A truly fascinating piece, this tells the story of a Batman who was transformed into a Joker from Joker’s poison.

He then goes around the multiverse hunting other Bruce Waynes.
The Batman Who Laughs is a horrifying mixture of Batman and Joker and we have demonstrated that here in our statue. Make sure to check it out!

Batman Damned (Concept Design by Lee Bermejo)
From the “Batman Damned” Comic, and with direct collaboration from Lee Bermejo himself on concept, come our 1/3 scale Batman Damned.
Lee Bermejo’s Batman Damned design is very dark with stunningly realistic features.

Even the base is specially designed by Mr. Bermejo, featuring Joker holding a gun.
The DXS version also comes with a miniature autographed poster signed by Lee Berhemo himself!

Ninja Batman
Japan’s very own Ninja Batman is also one of our featured Batman Statues.
This piece captures Batman standing on a tower directly influenced from the Anime Movie.
The ultimate collaboration between American characters with Japanese style.

The Dark Knight Rises (Film) Batman

From Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, some of those most critically acclaimed Batman movies to ever exist, comes our first Christopher Nolan Batman 1/3 Statue.
This one based from “The Dark Knight Rising”, we have crafted the entire statue with extreme attention to detail.
Focusing on his armor, his cape made of real fabric, and Christopher Nolan’s likeness to create the most screen accurate Christian Bale on the market.

A timeless classic that all fans will love.